35+ Best Inspiring Instagram Picture Ideas at Home

When I was in college my best friend and I went on an annual road trip to somewhere in the South. The first thing we did when we got there was to go see the local movie theater. The one time my best friend and I went to see a movie, we never went back to that theater again. Instead, we both saw every film ever made on video and have them all sitting in our living room in glorious black and white.

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This happened when Instagram was just getting started. Because it was an iPhone app, you could also post pictures to Facebook. If you were sitting at home, in a limo or not feeling too well, you could send a friend a picture from your phone. To use this opportunity for some Story Line Picture Ideas at Home, grab a hold of your phone and tell someone that you are sick and taking a walk. Now, show them your picture. You are saying something to them in the picture and they will relate to you more. Remember, no matter what you do, your picture will speak for you.

Now that we know what Instagram can do, let’s get down to business. Find a photo of a friend that looks beautiful. Then find a photo that has lots of meaningful qualities to it. Not only can you make a story with pictures, but you can also make money by using Instagram as a platform for promoting your products and services. Today, it is very easy to use Instagram to promote your products and services because it does not cost you anything to add your pictures or even change them around.